Boost your project’s viability

With the support of the StartLAB.BRUSSELS you can limit the risks related to the launch of your project. Because we know that most start-ups fail in the first 3 years, the StartLAB.BRUSSELS helps you build a solid foundation for your project.

Goals: confirm the commercial and financial viability of your idea and increase your chances for a successful take-off.

You already have an idea of a new project in mind, but you don’t know where or how to start? OR you are already working on your project, but you want to challenge your business model?

You are looking for some kind of help, guidance or to be challenged by a network of experts?

You wish to be a part of a strong community as an active member?

You are not scared of your project being questioned by others?

You wish to have a real impact on society?

We support you

The StartLAB.BRUSSELS will bring you the support you need for the launch of your start-up. We will provide you with all our expertise specific for your development phase.

By joining the incubator, you also join one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial communities in Brussels.

StartLAB.BRUSSELS offers a support programme in several phases.

Once you have been selected, you will join the Test.LAB. The aim of this first step is to determine your product-market fit. In other words, we will help you find the perfect match between your product and its market.

During this stage, we will also help you carry out a first quantitative analysis of your project as well as help you make the first prototypes of your product.

Once you have started to sell, you will join the Launch.LAB. During this stage, we will help you polish your strategy, maximize your sales, confirm your anticipations and much more.

We will be coaching you for a maximum of three years after which you will join our alumni community.

You will have access to:

Inspiring workshops

For 2 years and with the help of the StartLAB.BRUSSELS workshops, you will be able to create and/or boost the growth of your start-up.

A team of pros

You will be supported by an experienced team: our residence entrepreneurs, our experts, our coaches and the StartLAB.BRUSSELS team will be there to give you the help you need.

A coaching program both collective and individual

You will get to challenge your project during collective and individual coaching sessions.

Masterclasses “à la carte”

Feel free to get personal with your program by choosing masterclasses that suit your needs: digital marketing, sales, business model, pitch, finance solutions and funding will no longer be secrets to you.

A community of entrepreneurs

By joining the StartLAB.BRUSSELS, you will be part of one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial communities in Brussels. You will have access to our events, afterworks, peer coaching and more.

Access to coworking

More than a place to work, the StartLAB.BRUSSELS cowork is a place where you can share your project, your ideas and have a coffee. You will also have access to meeting rooms for your important meetings.

Practical information

Boulevard Saint-Michel 61

1040 Brussels

Démarrage octobre 2023

Apply now

For entrepreneurs under 30 years old

Price : 20 hours of incubator support & success fee.

The incubator works on a system of time and success fees given to the community. Concretely, this means that you don't have to pay to access our services and we don't take equity in your start-up.

The success fee is a one-time financial participation that we ask of you if your start-up reaches a certain turnover. One success fee per start-up. Contact us for more details.

Entrepreneurs over 30 years old



Discover further details about our program by exploring our brochure (ENG) specifically designed for entrepreneurs 30 and above!

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