What we have to offer:



You are not yet a member of the StartLAB.BRUSSELS community but you wish to learn more about the steps taken in a project’s creation?

The Learning.LAB will give you a set of usefool tools in order to develop your company.

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Incubation programme

Jump in with the StartLAB.BRUSSELS and join our two guidance programs.

Test.LAB – Identify your Product Market Fit, write down a preliminary quantified analysis and create your first prototypes.

Launch.LAB Add some fine-tuning to your strategy, maximize your sales, get your hypothesis confirmed, …

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+ 30 year?

You are over 30 years old?

Check out the StartLAB.BRUSSELS’ complete entrepreneurial program! It is designed to help you build up your project, boost your knowledge in entrepreneurship and take an active part in a community of young entrepreneurs.

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Coaching by entrepreneurs

You will get to challenge your project during collective and individual coaching sessions.

A network of experts

Do you have a special need ? Our financial, digital marketing, legal and tax experts are there to guide you.

Masterclasses “à la carte”

Feel free to get personal with your program by choosing masterclasses that suit your needs: digital marketing, sales, business model, pitch, finance solutions and funding will no longer be secrets to you.


By joining the StartLAB.BRUSSELS, you will be part of one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial communities in Brussels. You will have access to our events, afterworks, peer coaching and more.

Access to coworking

More than a place to work, the StartLAB.BRUSSELS cowork is a place where you can share your project, your ideas and have a coffee. You will also have access to meeting rooms for your important meetings.

Inspiring events

Afterworks, Let’s talk, conferences, networking and team building are also on the agenda.