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Our entrepreneurs work tirelessly on the problems we face. The all have one goal: to have a positive impact on our lives and to make our daily lives easier. Feel free to discover some of our start-ups described below. For more inspiring entrepreneurial stories, find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter.

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Drive Me Nuts

Drive Me Nuts, is a healthy, delicious and fun alternative to traditional peanut butters. It was launched by Louis about a year ago. This great athlete first used these recipes to give himself a good boost after workouts. Based on the success he encountered with his friends and family, Louis decided to take Drive Me Nuts out of the kitchen and has since gone full time into creating and launching his products into the market.


Louis de Moffarts


Founded in 2020


Agency & service


With their start-up, François, Boris and Kilian have ventured into a difficult sector while tackling a subject that is too often disregarded: the loss of a loved one. Indeed, Legacio helps with the handling of the administrative burden that families face at this difficult time. It aims to be a simple & cheaper alternative to the notary for the estate. Death is still a difficult subject and that fact is for them both a challenge and a real opportunity: this sector has not been much invested by innovation and digital technology, therefore everything is to be renovated. The 3 of them together have all the skills to succeed.


François Kiesecoms

Boris De Vleeschouwer

Killian Geleyn


Founded in 2020

Funded in 2020


Not a Desk

Passionate about design, engineering and innovation, Andreas tackles a real problem: creating a flexible and affordable workspace that boosts the creativity and well-being of employees, managers and CEOs. Andreas joined the Start.LAB after his studies and created Not a Desk, a portable 'non-office' that allows you to change your workspace. Within a few minutes, you can decide to work standing, at your window, or sitting.


Andreas De Smedt


Founded in 2017


Tech & Digital


Ecological and social emergencies are multiplying and make the daily headlines. Looking at the world around them, Elias, Gaspard and Maxime were frustrated. How to make a concrete and daily impact when you lack time and money? So they created GiveActions, an application that allows you to take action every day to defend the causes you care about. 1 year after their launch, their app contains over 10,000 users.


Gaspard Merten

Elias Printz

Maxime Van der Meerschen


Founded in 2019

Self-funded & 3F

Brand & Commerce

Noé by Eve

Being an ambitious person, I have always dreamed of one day impacting the world on my own scale by launching a project that makes sense. So the day I didn't recognize myself 100% in my job as a teacher, I understood that it was time to go for it. I naturally put together my 2 passions, fashion and childhood, to find a solution to fast fashion, very present in children's fashion because of the speed at which they grow up.

So I started to think about a way to make clothes grow with the children.

The Noé by Eve concept was born, and so was my passion for this project.

In order to give the different clothes maximum durability, we thought them unisex and timeless.


Eve Houbar


Founded in 2020