StartLAB.BRUSSELS and Réseau Entreprendre Bruxelles join forces and launch their podcast series: Brussels Impact Starters, the entrepreneurial podcast, source of inspiration and innovation which aims to give voice to impactful projects !

In this podcast, we will talk about entrepreneurship, experience, challenge, obstacle, success, pivot but also about the importance of network and support. In each episode, we’ll welcome one entrepreneur to talk about his/her project, his/her journey and how he/she, through his/her startup, manages to have a positive impact on our society.

For this 1st episode, we had the pleasure to meet Jeffrey Delronge, co-founder of FrOui Drinks.

JD “We cannot be good at everything, being in contact with different profiles allows us to progress. […] It is that way we go forward, and also you need to take the plunge, do bad the first time and do a little bit better the next time. Learning through making and through others. That’s how it works.”

SLB & REB “ – Any advice for the young entrepreneurs that want to go for it ?

JD– Go for it now, don’t wait, […] Preserve yourself, […], Know your limits, but go for it.”